About Us

We are a young mint

Yet we can do much more than our age would suggest. We may use modern technology to process our products, but our own hands shape their beauty – with our heart and soul going into each piece.

We will transform your wish into a work of art

Craftsmanship of our atists and engravers will turn your idea into a sophisticated work of art.

Our profesionals will begin to process your ideas into a design drawing, which will subsequently be modelled into a plaster model. The final plaster model is then engraved into a steel die that is hand-finished by a master engraver. Following the heat treatment, the medal area is hand polished to a mirror finish and the final relief is punched onto the blanks made of precious metals.

A finish that’s tailored to your wishes

Choose from many different finish variations, including a standard matte finish, proof top with mirror finish and patina.